A strike team effort

Strike team 2730 Team Leader Mark King recently arrived home from his deployment to NSW. The strike team carried out a range of duties to help prepare and protect


Photo Credit: Mark King

“It’s not all about putting water on fire; sometimes it’s about watching it help you do a job,” Mark said.

Yallourn North Fire Brigade Captain, Mark King alongside 23 other members were deployed near Mt Tennyson on the Victoria/NSW border near Mila NSW. They spent one night here then moved to Bendoc, Victoria for the second night. 

Strike team members came from a number of brigades:

  • Churchill
  • Hazelwood North
  • Toongabbie
  • Traralgon
  • Traralgon South
  • Traralgon West
  • Yallourn North
  • Tyers
  • Yinnar 
  • Yinnar South

Mark has been a team leader on multiple strike teams and has experienced all kinds of deployments.

“All members collaborated with a no-fuss approach to what was at times a slow night, which can be frustrating.

“For three members this strike team was their first so it’s important to stay focused even when the deployment wasn’t as demanding as others have been.”

Photo Credit: Mark King

The crew completed patrolling and blacking out, constructing rake hoe trails, burning out and extinguishing fire edge and asset protection duties.

“What was great to see was the willingness of new members to test and learn new skills, and to see the experienced members standing beside them guiding during their tasks,” Mark said.

“We were completing these tasks at night, in the dark, so we were able to show the newer members what happens when you rake the wrong way: the embers catch light on the unburnt patches.”

Mark thanked the efforts of each member and the bus driver.

“To all from strike team 2730, ladies and gentlemen thank you for a smooth and most enjoyable deployment.”

Author: Holly Penketh