A window on fire safety

A north-east Victorian community bank has joined forces with Beechworth Fire Brigade to help keep the local community safe during winter.


Since 2014 the Beechworth & District Community Bank - Bendigo Bank has supported Beechworth Fire Brigade by allowing brigade members to install window displays during winter and summer.

Tracy McVea, the brigade's community safety coordinator, said the bank has been very generous in its support of local community groups to help get messaging out to the residents and visitors to Beechworth.

“Sometimes a visual prompt is all that’s needed for people to think about fire safety and make some changes,” Tracy said.

“This year’s winter display has been one of our best, with bank Manager Rani McCauley saying they've had quite a few conversations regarding the window display.

“Even if only a couple of people change their habits because of our displays, it’s been a success.”  

The Community Bank will also support the brigade with a window display about preparing for bushfires.

Author: Tracy McVea