Always happy to help

Member News image CFA volunteer Will Dodson


A CFA volunteer since the age of 14, Guildford Fire Brigade Firefighter Will Dodson is always happy to help.


“I’m proud to be a CFA volunteer and wherever I am in the world I feel like I should help people,” Will said.

Will recently travelled around Ireland on holiday. While he was between Dublin and Cork he saw a plume of black smoke on the horizon and immediately knew it was a car accident.

“As we approached the accident, I saw a car engulfed in flames and an elderly man standing next to it. I pulled up to help him.

“The man looked like he was in shock and was standing quite close to the burning car. He said he’d lost his wallet and phone in the fire. He really needed some help and I was happy to give the man my time.

“I shouted to him to come over to me to move him to safety and I gave him water. Shortly after, the car exploded.

“A young man stopped to see if he could also help. I asked him if he could give the man a lift to the nearest town.”

Until recently, Will was the community safety coordinator for Guildford brigade and found the role very rewarding.

“I was the community safety coordinator for six to seven years and enjoyed engaging with the community,” Will said. “I liked building relationships and making a real difference in the community helping to organise fuel reduction burns and home inspections.”

Will is also a firefighter and will soon be carrying out pre-season training including a burnover drill, draughting and skills maintenance.

“The last couple of fire seasons have been quiet and brigade motivation can drop off. But we are gearing up for a much busier season this summer.”


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