Animals and Emergencies Mini Forum

The Animals and Emergencies Mini Forum, run in conjunction with Macclesfield Disaster Recovery Group (MDRG), Macclesfield CFA and the local Landcare Group, was held for local animal owners to find out how to plan and prepare for their animals both before and after a serious event, the consequences of not preparing and the impacts of fire and stress on animals.

Attended by over 40 people in February 2017, the interactive session featured a range of guest speakers including Mark Menze from Animal Aid, Jenna Kelly from Walking Forward Disaster Relief Team, Eric Bast from Large Animal Rescue Action, local vet Kurt Enzinger and CFA Brigade Captain Sharon Merritt.

“Macclesfield area includes High and Very High risk fire areas” said Fiona Sewell, MDRG Brigade Liaison “and has the highest population of horses per hectare in Victoria and the second highest population per hectare in Australia”.

Fiona added that the funding received under the program meant “the MDRG could provide specialist guest speakers who focussed on Animals and Emergencies adding value and interest to the brigade’s event”.

“The MDRG Mini Forum is a great example of communities taking responsibility for its own safety  and working to deliver a program that is focused on the needs of the community” said Siân Jepson, Project Coordinator – Summer Fire Safety.  “CFA recognises that family pets are important members of many families and are key to safe decision making before, during and after emergencies.”

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Author: Sian Jepson