Arms Out for Alya blood challenge

MFB LFF Kylie Evans (who appeared in a grassfire advertisement and an Australian Survivor contestant) has issued a challenge to all MFB and CFA staff and volunteers to donate blood between 1 February and 30 April 2017.

LFF Evans two-year-old daughter Alya was recently rushed to hospital suffering pneumonia and sepsis that required four blood donations. Alya is recovering but with four donations required Kylie decided to issue a three-month challenge to her collegues in the MFB and when I became aware of this challenge I offered our arms as well. 

The Red Cross Blood Bank advertise that each of our donations has the potential to save three lives and here is a prime example of where four donations were required for Alya.

Please roll up your sleeves and donate!

This is an excellent opportunity for us to practise for the up coming Emergency Services Challenge 2017 where CFA became the highest single agency donor last year.

Can all integrated brigades encourage their staff and volunteers to donate in support of LFF Kylie's challenge to register their donations with RED25 CFA at your local Donor Centre. 

All CFA brigade members can join the challenge and put their 'Arm Out for Alya' by registering their donations throughout the year to RED25 CFA.



Author: John Lloyd