Australische Buschfeuer - Australia Day bushfire donation day

On Australia Day 2020, Andrew Fay who lives in popular Austrian ski village St Anton, organised a fundraiser to support CFA in response to the 2019-20 fires.

“The whole village was in shock at what we saw over the media and we wanted to do our bit to help those affected,” Andrew said.

The reaction of the entire village to the fires was dismay and horror, as many locals have travelled and worked in Australia.

“There’s a large connection between our village and Australia with many Australians, me included, living and working here and many Austrians doing ski seasons in the Australian alps,” Andrew added.

“The whole village got behind this fundraiser and our tourist guests from all over the world helped raise this money.

“We raised an amazing total of 15,000 Euros. 3,000 Euros was given to an animal hospital and the remainder, $18,000 went to CFA. We hope the donation helps CFA brigades and the brave volunteers who work so hard protecting their communities.”

This generous donation was placed in the CFA and Brigades Donations Fund and will be used to purchase, maintain and meet costs associated with brigade firefighting equipment, facilities and functions.

To donate to CFA, visit our website.



Australische Buschfeuer - Australia Day bushfire donation day

Author: Georgina Hill