BA spectacle kits coming soon

Members with Breathing Apparatus (BA) competency who wear prescription glasses will benefit from a new spectacle insert, which will allow them to wear glasses without compromising the fit and seal of their BA mask. 


More than 400 BA wearers across CFA expressed interest in being issued with a spectacle insert during the roll out of the MSA G1 Breathing Apparatus.

Each member who receives a spectacle insert will need to visit an approved optometrist to ensure the correct prescription lens is fitted. This may differ from their current prescription as the focal length between the eye and the spectacle kit will be different to typical prescription glasses. 

CFA is working to establish a relationship with a major optometry provider that will meet the needs of our members and has the technical knowledge to work with specially-modified MSA G1 facemasks. 

Spectacle inserts and fitting kits are expected to be distributed to districts by the end of April 2021. 

More information will be shared on the process for accessing the kits along with a list of approved optometrists closer to this time.

Author: CFA News