Blaze destroys factory in Corio

On Tuesday evening (28 February) CFA crews were called to a fire which destroyed a factory in Corio.

Crews were called to the scene on Kambouris court at 9.15pm.

CFA Operations Officer Ian Beswicke said upon arrival crews found the 15x30m tilt slab factory engulfed in flames.

“Unfortunately the factory was completely destroyed but crews managed to make sure all surrounding properties were protected,” he said.

“Factory fires quite often emit undefined fumes, so crews wore breathing apparatus as a precaution while they battled the blaze.

CFA issued an advice message warning community members of smoke in the area, and asked to them to stay indoors and avoid the area if possible. 

The fire was brought under control at approximately 10.30pm.

The cause of the fire is being investigated but is not deemed suspicious.

10 CFA truck from Corio, Geelong and Geelong West helped get the blaze under control.

Author: CFA Media