Bound together by bushfire bracelets

Eight-year-old Olivia spent her school holiday fundraising for CFA after being affected by the horrific fires.


Photo Credit: Michelle

Olivas’s mother Michelle supported Olivia with her fundraiser.

“She saw how the CFA worked tirelessly to help others and keep us safe," Michelle said.

Olivia has been making and selling friendship bracelets in the hope of raising money for CFA.

“Making her bracelets and raising money for the CFA was a way she felt she was being helpful too,” Michelle said.

Orders came in from all over the world including Sri Lanka and Myanmar.

“Thank you for keeping us safe from the bushfires,” Olivia said.

Photo Credit: Michelle

Olivia has raised $394.60 and will be donating the money at her local bank. 

A huge thank you goes out to Olivia and to everyone who has generously donated to CFA.

You can find out more about donations and fundraising opportunities on our updated intranet pages or through the CFA website.

Photo Credit: Michelle

Author: CFA News