Boy injured by Blairgowrie bonfire

A 12 year-old-boy has received severe burns from a backyard bonfire in Blairgowrie this afternoon (19 April).


CFA was called to the Garden Street home at 4.15pm. Ambulance Victoria was also on scene when firefighters arrived. 

It’s believed an accelerant was used on the bonfire and as a result the 12 year-old received burns. He was airlifted to the Royal Children’s Hospital.

CFA District 8 Commander Sam Webb said this incident was a timely reminder of the dangers of using accelerants on fires.

“Adolescents under the age of 18 should also never be left unattended around any type of fire,” he said.

“Incidents like these can be easily avoided.”

Two CFA trucks from Sorrento attended the incident.

Author: CFA Media