Breaking down barriers on International Day of People with a Disability

Member News image Bianca Bassett and her husband, Geof, who are both volunteers with Lakes Entrance Fire Brigade


Today marks the International Day of People with Disability (IDPwD), celebrated annually on 3 December.


IDPwD is a United Nations-sanctioned day aimed at increasing public awareness, understanding and acceptance of people with a disability.

It focuses on championing the stories of those living and thriving with disabilities and how we can better support people with disabilities in their day-to-day lives.

The 2021 theme, ‘Fighting for rights in the post-COVID era, celebrates the challenges, barriers and opportunities for people who live with disabilities, recognising that people with disabilities are among the most affected populations during a pandemic.

CFA members come from a wide range of backgrounds. We have members with disabilities who actively contribute to their communities and CFA.

CFA member Bianca Bassett is a wheelchair user who actively volunteers with Lakes Entrance Fire Brigade. She said that being able to volunteer and participate is hugely important for people with disabilities.

“It means that you can still participate in the community,” she said.

“Community participation is a really big thing for people with disabilities. It’s important to be a part of something.”

She said that having CFA members from a diverse range of backgrounds is key to a thriving brigade and CFA.

“It’s important to encourage different skillsets and different ways of thinking,” Bianca said.

“People with disabilities often tend to think outside the box because we’ve had to. People with disabilities are often very solution-focused, which is a really important skill to have especially within CFA.”

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