Brigade's busy day reinforces home fire safety

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Firefighters of Kalkallo Fire Brigade were kept busy last week, responding to two home fire incidents in a few hours.


Crews responded to a structure fire at around 3.30pm on Pippa Way in Kalkallo on 7 September.

Two units from Kalkallo were joined by Seven CFA units from Eltham, Craigieburn, Mernda, Wollert and Hume Group, supported by FRV crews.

The home was significantly impacted by fire when crews arrived on scene and firefighters worked together to bring the fire under control at around 4pm.

Kalkallo Captain Michael Bichler said the fire also impacted a car on the property as well.

“The occupants inside the home all safely evacuated,” he said.

“Our brigade was supported by surrounding brigades and FRV firefighters and crews worked really well on scene.”

The scene was declared safe just after 5.30pm.

Crews were right back in the truck just after 9pm, responding to a dryer that had caught alight on Brewster Drive in Kalkallo.

The incident was brought under control quickly as firefighters assess the scene and declared the scene safe at around 9.20pm.

“The fire was extinguished on arrival, so our crews tidied up when we got there,” Cpt Bichler said.

“The fire was started by lint in the filter and it was lucky one of the occupants of the home happened to walk in on the fire as it was starting.

“Had it been unattended for only a few minutes more, it could have destroyed the whole house.”

Captain Bichler said is important for people to be aware of the potential fire hazards around the home.

“House fires can happen any time of year, so it’s important to ensure you are aware of the fire safe behaviour you can be practicing year-round,” he said. 

Top home fire safety tips

  • CFA recommend interconnected smoke alarms are installed in all bedrooms, hallways and living areas of your home.
  • Check chimneys, flues and fire boxes for cracks, rust and debris.
  • Check electric blankets for kinks in the wiring.
  • Make sure heaters are off before going to bed or going out.
  • Never leave cooking unattended.
  • Clean the lint filter in your dryer (and continue to do this after every use).
  • Check appliances for visibly frayed or damaged wiring.
  • Complete the Home Fire Safety Checklist to see if you’ve done everything you can to protect you and your family.
  • Prepare a home fire escape plan and practice escaping quickly and safely.


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