Brigade’s passion for safety drives speed limit reduction

Member News image The speed limit on this notoriously dangerous road has been reduced


Gooram Fire Brigade has led the charge to reduce the speed limit on a notoriously dangerous road near the town.


Euroa Mansfield Road is a popular route for motorists travelling to the snowfields. But in the last year, CFA attended about 10 car accidents and, sadly, two fatalities. 

Earlier this year, Gooram Fire Brigade members decided to rally for change to increase safety and help protect the community. They met with local councillors, MPs and the Department of Transport and Planning to push for a speed limit reduction from 100 km/h to 60 km/h. 

The group’s efforts were successful, with the speed limit reduced last month. 

Gooram Fire Brigade Captain Michael Stubbe said there had been a significant increase in traffic on the road this year, as more people went skiing and waterskiing.

He said the speed limit was too high for the winding, steep road and he hoped the speed limit reduction would make it safer for motorists. 

“I certainly feel far more comfortable and happier with it being reduced and I think most others do too. If it helps save lives, it’s been worthwhile,” Michael said. 

District 22 Acting Assistant Chief Fire Officer Peter Dedman said the change highlighted CFA's importance not just by fighting fires but through sound judgement, local knowledge and passion for the community. 

“This is a fantastic win for the brigade and it shows what can be achieved when multiple agencies work together for an important outcome,” Peter said. 

“This is a great example of preparedness and planning by this very proactive brigade to reduce the risk.” 


Submitted by CFA Media