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CFA's Doreen Fire Brigade has built a strong connection with its local community by leading the way in social media, capturing nearly 10,000 followers.


Doreen Brigade Community Safety Coordinator Dave Slattery said building the brigade’s social media platform has been a team effort.

“Our brigade has an incredible link with our nearby and wider community. In fact, our Facebook page is one of the largest in the state, with over 9800 followers,” Dave said.

“Social media has been a great way to communicate with our community. We like to insert key safety messaging on our posts wherever possible to get safety tips out there.

“It’s a great way to impart information very quickly to a large audience. 

“This engagement is important to attract new members and maintain interest from the community."

Doreen bush brigade was founded in the 1930s and was one of the first brigades in the area to sign up under the umbrella of the Country Fire Authority, on 12 February 1942.

This saw members of Doreen Fire Brigade celebrating 80 years of service to the community this year, marked with an awards presentation and function at Doreen Fire Station in July.

In the early days, the brigade stored basic equipment, such as beaters and knapsacks, at the Doreen Stockfeed. During the 1960s a shed was erected on a site on Yan Yean Road beside the tennis courts.

The brigade moved to its current location, also on Yan Yean Road, in 2002. After being housed there now for 20 years, coupled with being located on a booming urban fringe, the brigade is looking forward to refurbishment works, which are due to start soon. 

Captain Robert Bury said Doreen Fire Brigade members pride themselves on supporting other brigades. This includes surrounding brigades within the group, but also further afield.

“We have participated in strike team deployments and filled gaps on smaller strike teams. Nothing is too big or small,” Robert said.

“The brigade is always willing and ready to go where required. Recently, some of our members were deployed as part of strike teams to assist with the flood crisis at Rochester.

“We’re a busy brigade, averaging more than 200 turnouts per year. We’re active, but not overworked, and we’re all here to help protect the community.”

This support hasn’t gone unnoticed, with Doreen Fire Brigade recently sending a care package to Rochester Fire Brigade after the brigade and their members were personally impacted by floods.

“I’m proud of our dedicated members who will continue to support each other, the local community and our partner agencies now and into the future,” Robert said.

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  • Member News imagePhoto: Doreen Fire Brigade members took part in a strike team to assist in the recent flood event.
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