Cow, horse rescued from muddy dam

Brodie the cow is back on dry land thanks to the large animal rescue team from Arthurs Creek and Strathewen Fire Brigade and crews from Plenty Fire Brigade.


​Photos courtesy Graeme Cornell, Plenty Fire Brigade

Firefighters were called to a residence in Diamond Creek at 9.47am Sunday morning (31 March) to reports of a cow trapped in a dam.

Upon arrival they found Brodie stuck in the mud on the dam's bank. 

Under veterinary supervision, the fireys secured Brodie on a rescue glide and moved her out of the mud and into a safer location with assistance from a brigade car’s winch.

After some TLC Brodie regained her strength and was soon up and about enjoying a snack with her paddock mate.   

The incident was deemed under control at 10.11am, with the rescue taking about an hour. 

A busy weekend for the Arthurs Creek Large Animal Rescue Team also saw the rescue of young horse Indie, who, like Brodie, had gotten himself stuck in a dam.

The team were called to the property on Arthurs Creek Road, Arthurs Creek just before 3.30pm on Saturday (30 March).

After accessing the situation, the team were able to stablise the horse on a rescue glide and winch him to safety. After a bit of a rest, Indie was able to get himself up and back on his feet.

The incident was deemed under control at 3.39pm, with the rescue completed at 4.40pm when care of Indie was handed over to a vet.

Photos courtesy Lachie Bakewell, Arthurs Creek Fire Brigade

Author: Shaunnagh O'Loughlin