Buzzing after their first turnout

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Sisters Morgan and Montanna Maud have always understood the importance of volunteering. Growing up with a community-focused mindset instilled in them by their parents, the pair joined Mosquito Creek Fire Brigade together last year.


“We like to give back to the community. We’ve grown up knowing the value of volunteering, so we thought joining CFA was the perfect opportunity to give back,” Morgan said.

Undertaking their General Firefighter training side by side has benefitted both sisters.

“I love having Morgan on this journey with me, because it’s been really valuable to have someone go through the exact same thing,” Montanna said. “We’ve been able to bounce off each other and learn with each other at the same time.”

“It’s great doing it together and having each other to debrief with,” Morgan echoed.

Both Morgan, now the brigade’s community safety officer, and Montanna, 4th lieutenant, recently attended their first turnouts. Morgan attended a car accident, while Montanna was paged to a grass and scrub fire.

“Going on our first turnout was a very daunting experience to begin with,” Morgan said. “There’s so much hype about going out to an incident and you don’t really know what to expect.

“I attended a motor vehicle collision, and when we got there Victoria Police and our brigade’s other tanker were already there. Having a role that was important was a great way to get rid of the nerves of the initial turnout. You realise it’s a controlled environment and you’ve got people there who will support you.”

Montanna agreed that nerves were definitely present after hearing her pager for the first time.

“I attended a grass and scrub fire and I was so nervous heading to the incident. You’ve trained for and visualised it, but it’s so different when it’s actually happening. It was really intense because you get on the fireground and a lot happens very quickly, but it’s amazing how your training kicks into gear and everything becomes second nature.

“I think we’re very lucky in our brigade that we have such a supportive crew, and I felt really comfortable being where I was on the truck. It made it a very comforting and easy experience.”

Both Morgan and Montanna agreed that the General Firefighter course left them well prepared to attend incidents, and that the mentorship they have received from other members has been of great value.

“We definitely walked away from General Firefighter training better off for completing it. We met some incredible people who gave so much time and energy to us. We’re forever grateful for those people and think very highly of them,” Morgan said.

“We learned so many things that we put into practice today, both at turnouts and otherwise,” Montanna said. “I will always remember the things that those more experienced have taught us and continue to teach us.”

Looking forward, the sisters are keen to continue turning out to incidents and increasing their knowledge.

“Now that we’ve been on our first turnout, I feel a lot more relaxed about getting a pager callout,” Morgan said.

“Looking forward to future turnouts, it sounds strange to say but I’m actually really excited for it,” Montanna said. “I’m really eager to go out and learn more. I’m excited about what’s to come and what I will experience.”

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