Carlsruhe sod turn

Carlsruhe Fire Brigade has come a long way since it operated out of a shed back in 1959. 


The shovels are in the ground at Carlsruhe's new station site

Work has begun on a new $600,000 station, that’ll include three motor room bays, male and female toilets, a multi-purpose room, as well as on-site car parking and a dedicated truck turning area.

“The new station will allow for future growth of the brigade and will improve operational capability,” Captain Peter Baldwin said.

“The new meeting room facilities will also provide a central location for training, meetings and local community events.

“Before, we were operating out of a two-bay shed basically, and it was on the crest of a hill so not the safest place for the trucks to be turning in and out of,” he said.

The brigade has also kicked in $80,000 of its own money for the new build’s third bay.

“We’ve been saving for this for a long time. We have a lot of BBQ’s, we have an annual fair, so we’ve done a lot of work at a local level to get the best station we possibly can,” Peter said.

The station is expected to be operational by the middle of next year. 

Author: CFA Media