Cat-astrophe strikes young girl in Bendigo

At 2.30 yesterday afternoon (15 August) three CFA crews from Bendigo and Huntly were called to the scene of an incident on McConnachie Court in Bendigo.

Fireys arrived to find a young girl with her head stuck in a cat scratching post.

The delicate rescue was a team effort from CFA, Ambulance Victoria and SES.

Leading Firefighter Tim Weston said the young girl was a little bit curious and decided to check out the family pet’s scratching post when she became stuck.

“The girl poked her head through a small hole in the box compartment attached to the scratching post,” he said.

“Like most little kids she was a bit distressed, but was very brave given the circumstances.

“The crew used tin snips to dismantle the scratching post, and fortunately our young friend was not injured.

“CFA fireys gifted her with a CFA teddy before heading back to the station.

The girl, who showed remarkable bravery throughout the incident. was checked by paramedics once she was free.

The last fireys returned back to the station at just after 3.05pm after a job very well done.


Author: CFA Media