Cavendish recognises outstanding service

 Cavendish Fire Brigade held its presentation evening on 28 October at the Cavendish Recreation Reserve with approximately 100 members and family attending.


National Medal recipients from left to right: CFA District 5 Operations Officer Lindsay Barry, Andrew Lewis, Patrick Dixon, Peter Henry, Gary Hearn & CFA Board Member Ms Lynda Hamilton

CFA Board member Lynda Hamilton and her family were in attendance and Lynda presented four National Medals and Clasps. 

The evening was held in perfect weather and, in spite of an emergency call-out of the brigade an hour before the event commenced, the evening went off very well. 

A delicious barbecue was cooked by the local Lions Club, with salads and sweets prepared by the Cavendish Ladies Committee.

After enjoying the meal, CFA Service Awards for years of service up to and including 30 years of service were presented to 16 members by CFA District 5 Operations Officer Lindsay Barry.

An additional 17 recipients received Service Awards for service longer than 30 years including a 60 Year Life Member Award to Hugh Hobbs who is still an active firefighter with the brigade. 

These awards were presented by CFA Board member Lynda Hamilton. Ms Hamilton then proceeded to present National Medals to the following worthy recipients:

National Medal plus 1st, 2nd and 3rd Clasps presented to Gary Hearn, Peter Henry and Andrew Lewis, National Medal 2nd and 3rd Clasps presented to Patrick Dixon.

Author: CFA News