Celebrating LGBTIQ+ Youth; Wear it Purple Day

Today, CFA is celebrating Wear it Purple Day across the organisation.



Libby Symons Inclusion and Fairness Coordinator said today is an important opportunity to celebrate LGBTIQ+ Youth.

“You are our future leaders, decision makers, and are capable of anything,” Libby said. We see you and we see what you can achieve.”

This year’s theme is ‘We are the Change’, and focuses on the importance of encouragement, empowerment and making real change for the LGBTIQ+ community. 

In CFA, we all play a part in creating a safe, empowering and inclusive environment for rainbow youth.

Nathan Linton Volunteer Programs Coordinator - Youth said the LGBTIQ+ Youth are a really important part of our organistation.

“No matter your age, sexuality or gender identity, all of us are here to work together to protect lives and property.”

Further Information, including logos and resources, can be found on the Wear it Purple website.

If you are celebrating the day, know someone who is or require any assistance, you can contact the Inclusion and Fairness Team at inclusionandfairness@cfa.vic.gov.au

Author: CFA News