CFA and MFB keeping communities safe

From 21-24 January CFA and MFB will be joining forces to keep communities safe during the popular Festival of Sails event in Geelong.


MFB’s fire boat 1 has hit the shore of Geelong alongside CFA crews from Geelong City Fire Brigade over the busy event.

CFA Operations Officer Mark Sinkinson said with hundreds of boats and yachts in Corio Bay, safety was at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

“With so many people out on the water and sleeping out on boats we’re here on standby in case of fire or any other emergencies,” he said.

“We’ll have four crews from CFA and MFB on shift each day and night working out of Geelong City Fire Station.

“It’s great to see CFA and MFB crews working side by side.

"MFB and local CFA officers and firefighters are proud to be working alongside each other to protect our Victorian communities and the marine training and expertise that will be provided to Geelong firefighters from their MFB colleagues will only enhance our communities' safety."

The Festival of Sails event will see a large influx of vessels on water and at anchor in the Port of Geelong.

It is expected that the event will attract 100,000 visitors to the Geelong waterfront and over a 1,000 people residing on vessels across this period.

Author: CFA Media