Trench rescue at Eltham Cemetery

CFA has rescued a man trapped in a grave in Eltham.


Photo: Courtesy Network Ten

Update - the incident is now safe

CFA was called to reports of the trapped male at the Eltham Cemetery on Metery Rd, Eltham, at 7.45am. 

The man, who works at the cemetery, fell into a 2m deep grave and was injured while working. 

CFA crews from Eltham were first on scene before being joined by Plenty, Dandenong and MFB brigades, as well as SES, Victoria Police and Ambulance Victoria.

A trench rescue pod was requested from MFB to prevent a slab fall due to the ground around the grave being unstable.   

An Ambulance Victoria trench rescue qualified paramedic stayed with the male patient while he was waiting to be rescued.

CFA Incident Controller Gavin Wright said rescue crews used timber to secure the trench, and used a tripod and rescue harness to lift the man out of the grave before he was placed on a stretcher.

The patient was transported to hospital with a broken leg.

Victoria Police, SES and Worksafe also attended the scene.

Author: CFA Media