CFA celebrates International Day of Rural Women

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International Day of Rural Women is an opportunity to recognise and celebrate the women who live in remote and rural communities across the world. Kathryn Williams is one of those women.


A CFA volunteer for seven years with Mossi-Tambo Fire Brigade, Kathryn was recently appointed as the first woman Chair for District 11’s District Planning Committee.

“Hearing that I was a successful applicant was an exciting moment for me, but to also find out I was the first woman to be appointed in this role in District 11 made me even prouder,” Kathryn said.

“Proud that I wasn’t selected because of my gender, but because of what I could bring to the role.”

Kathryn said diversity is key to strengthening an organisation.

“We need diversity everywhere because that’s how we grow. Not any one person thinks the same, and those different thoughts and ideas are what drive innovation and new ways to look at something.

“Everyone’s story is different, but that doesn’t mean their desire to look after their community isn’t the same. It’s by thinking differently that the magic happens.”

Kathryn said rural women are strong and task-driven.

“Rural women all over the world know self-reliance. If we need things done, we roll up our sleeves and get it done.

“In this day and age, it’s been pretty much proven that there’s not much we can’t do when we set our minds to it, and if there is something we can’t do we know where to go for help.

“We do it together, as one, regardless of our story.”

To find out more about International Day of Rural Women, click here.


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