CFA crews rescue an unlikely patient

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The grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence as one cheeky Galah found out.


CFA Crews from Queenscliff Fire Brigade were surprised to find a Galah stuck high up in the fence of the Queenscliff Cricket Club on Tuesday.

A wildlife volunteer had come across the bird and wasn’t sure what to do, so she contacted CFA for assistance.

4th Lieutenant Elaine Jell, who responded to the incident said, “Sometimes when we receive a code 3, we don’t often get many details about the incident, so we were surprised to find the unlikely patient.”

Assisted by FRV and a ladder platform, crews were able to reach the bird and bring it down to safety.

“The bird was stuck quite high up the fence and it looked like it had its feet caught. It also wasn’t physically possible to reach it, so we requested for help in the form of a truck with a ladder platform.” She added.


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Submitted by Eddie Seah