CFA Firefighter Pregnancy Information Guide released

In a major boost to current and prospective female firefighters, CFA has this week released the Firefighter Pregnancy Information Guide, available to CFA staff.  


The guide has been designed to support the needs of pregnant career firefighters, as well as their line managers and colleagues. It has been developed to promote a workplace that supports the needs of pregnant employees, and to outline employer obligations.

Produced in consultation with the United Firefighters Union (UFU) over the course of the last 18 months, it covers items such as leave entitlements and application, guidelines on firefighting while pregnant, alternative duties and returning to work.

It is expected to be of significant benefit to relevant line managers, giving direction on their role during the individual’s pregnancy.

Josephine Sensi, Senior Station Officer at Springvale Fire Brigade and mother of two, says the guide will provide clarity across the organisation.

“It can be overwhelming enough when you are pregnant without having to think or worry about the impact on your role as an operational firefighter," Josephine said. 

“This guide will provide information needed for CFA operational firefighters to navigate this journey, whether you’re the one who is pregnant or you are managing a pregnant firefighter”.

“It will hopefully provide the answers to any questions that people have.”

The guide is available to staff on the CFA intranet, and follows other recent progress CFA has made in the area of gender equality. 

Author: Tim McGlone