CFA fireys rescue 15 workers from Costerfield mine fire

Member News image Photo by CFA Oscar 1 crew


Specialist CFA firefighters have worked overnight to rescue 15 workers from a mine fire at Costerfield.


It’s believed a fire broke out in the Augusta Mine just after 12.30am on 5 March. The mine workers were able to extinguish the fire before evacuating to their underground refuge chambers.

District 2 Assistant Chief Fire Officer Steve Alcock said CFA’s Oscar 1 mine rescue team joined forces with the Fosterville mine rescue team to form an emergency response team to enter the mine and conduct atmospheric monitoring.

“Wearing long duration breathing apparatus (BA) sets, the rescue team took fire extinguishers down the mine with them to put out any hot spots,” Steve said.

“Using gas monitors, the rescue crew went all the way to the bottom of the mine doing air sampling to ensure the atmosphere was clear from any toxins.

“Crews ensured the air was safe and breathable before escorting the 15 workers back up to the surface from the refuge chambers.

“By 6.50am all the mine workers had exited the mine safely and they were put through the rehab tent with Ambulance Victoria.

“Fortunately, they were all cleared with no reported injuries.

“Overall, it was a really good multi-agency response to ensure a speedy and successful outcome.”

Around 7.30am, the mine was handed back to the site managers.

CFA had multiple crews on scene including CFA specialist mines rescue Oscar 1 team.

Victoria Police and Ambulance Victoria were also on scene.

The cause of the fire will be investigated by relevant authorities.


  • Member News imagePhoto by CFA Oscar 1 crew
  • Member News image
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