CFA goes back to Cubs

Last week over 3700 cub scouts aged from 8-11 years old travelled from across Victoria to Gillwell Park in Gembrook for a four-night cam


The Community Development Team from South East Region, alongside a good number of volunteers from surrounding brigades, attended all week to conduct practical sessions around the Mobile Education Unit.

The children and their leaders had the opportunity to sit in on four sessions on camp fire safety, protection from radiant heat, burns prevention and treatment and climb aboard Gembrook’s tanker.

The children had great incentive to attend the session because at the end they received a stamp in the camp's activity passport and a specially-designed CFA Fire Wise Ranger blanket badge to add to their collection.

The children were very enthusiastic and keen to contribute stories and ask questions.

Cubs also learn about the important role CFA performs in the community and the variety of equipment we use to suppress fires.

Have a great week Cubs and thanks again to our SE Region Community Safety Team for their hard work!

The whole event was deemed a great success and a great opportunity to link CFA with the children that participate in Scouts Victoria programs.

Author: Karen Van den Akker