CFA part of interagency rescue at Tyers

CFA firefighters responded to a high angle rescue at Petersons Lookout, near Tyers, last night.


Photo: Tyers Fire Brigade

Crews were called to the scene at 8.16pm on 16 December 2020 to rescue a someone who had fallen down a rock face.

Four CFA units from Tyers, Yallourn North and District 11 HQ attended the incident scene along with crews from FRV, SES, Victoria Police and Ambulance Victoria.

Crews arrived on scene and located the person approximately 80 metres down the cliff face.

CFA Acting Commander Greg Fisher attended the scene and said crews from all agencies worked seamlessly together to complete the successful rescue.

“There were a few challenges such as rain, minimal lighting and rocky terrain with an area of heavy scrub at the bottom of the cliff face,” he said.

“Many of our personnel on scene had actually conducted some of their rescue training in the area, so they knew quite a few of the anchor points required to pull of the rescue.”

Photo: Tyers Fire Brigade

A/Commander Fisher said the person was located around half a kilometre from the nearest vehicle access point, so it was a challenge to transport the required rescue gear to the site.   

“It was a successful retrieval by all agencies; CFA, FRV, SES and Victoria Police.,” he said.

“Everyone did a fantastic job and did what was needed.”

The person was handed over to Ambulance Victoria and crews finished up at the scene at around 2.30am.

Photo: Former CFA Leading Firefighter Luke Bennett undertaking high angle rescue training at the Petersons Lookout, where site crews conducted the rescue operation of a patient on 16 December 2020. This previous training ensured many crew members were familiar with the terrain before the incident overnight. (Photo taken pre-covid)

Author: CFA Media