CFA office staff cool under pressure

In early December, Glenda Walter, Coordinator Learning and Development Districts 4 and 5, and Tania Sigley, Administrator Learning and Development, both based in Hamilton, had almost reached the Learning and Volunteerism Conference in Ballarat.

Driving through a roundabout, they saw a car with smoke coming from under the bonnet and stopped to assist.

“It looked like we were first on scene and there was a fair bit of smoke,” said Glenda. “A gentleman then arrived and was on his mobile phone calling Triple Zero.   Another person on scene checked that the car was empty and popped the car bonnet. By this time the car engine was well alight. 

"Tania removed the fire extinguisher from the work car, checked that the vehicle wasn’t run on LPG gas and proceeded to put out the fire. I comforted the older woman who was out of the car – she was very distressed.”

About six years ago, Tania took part in a staff training day at Penshurst Training Campus and that extinguisher training automatically kicked in. Both women responded quickly and were cool under pressure, leaving Ballarat City Fire Brigade with little to do when they arrived on scene.

“When you’re driving a CFA vehicle, there’s the expectation that you’ll have the skills to render any assistance,” continued Glenda.

“We did an after-action review as we were driving away and both agreed we wouldn’t have done anything differently.”

David Kearney, South West Region Manager, Learning and Volunteerism, was delighted with the result.

“This is a credit to both our colleagues,” he said. “Not only to render assistance, but to demonstrate the enduring power of learning.”

Author: Leith Hillard