CFA’s 12 Days of Christmas

CFA has started its 12 Days of Christmas which aims to provide safety tips for the community to plan and prepare this festive season. 


Whether you’re travelling this Christmas period, spending it with family or not celebrating at all, CFA will provide you with some great tips to stay safe.

New tips will be added daily to our CFA Facebook and Instagram as we count down to Christmas.

Community safety Senior Engagement Adviser Chris Barber said this is another great way to make sure the community is prepared this fire season.

“There is still time to prepare this fire season,” Chris said. “There will be some great tips shared online so make sure you’re following along.

“Many members of the community travel around Christmas time and it’s important to be aware of high fire danger areas, including fire risks around our forests, grasslands and coastal areas.

“We want everyone to have a great festive holiday while also staying safe.”

Prepare your property; it can minimise property damage even if you leave early

  • Move furniture, woodpiles and mulch away from windows, decks and eaves
  • Prune tree branches so they are not overhanging the roof or touching walls
  • Keep grass shorter than 10cm. Regularly remove leaf litter and twigs
  • Don’t have large shrubs in front of windows or glass doors
  • Before you leave, make sure you remove all flammable items from around your home. Houses have been lost from things as simple as embers landing on a doormat
  • Check that your home and contents insurance is current and includes a level of cover in line with current building standards and regulations.

To find out more about getting ready for the fire season visit or call 1800 226 226.

Fire Danger Period information and restrictions are published at /warnings-restrictions/fire-danger-period-restrictions. Please note the latest restrictions will be published on this page by the Tuesday before they come into force. 

Fire Danger Period information

  • A written permit is required to burn off grass, undergrowth, weeds or other vegetation during the FDP. This permit may be issued by the Municipal Fire Prevention Officer or the CFA District Office. Please check with your municipality in the first instance. Permits can now be obtained online from
  • Lighting a fire in the open without a permit is an offence and can bring a penalty of over $19,000 and/or 12 months imprisonment. Barbeques and fires for cooking and warmth do not require a permit, but must be lit in properly constructed fireplaces  (to view complete conditions visit /warnings-restrictions/total-fire-bans-and-ratings/can-i-or-cant-i
  • The use of an incinerator, chainsaw/lawn mower, welding/grinding equipment and vehicles that come in contact with vegetation and machinery with an internal combustion/heat engine are permitted provided conditions are followed.
  • Farmers can find out about legal responsibilities and practical advice at - this information is important especially for new farmers, bush block owners or hobby farmers.
  • Total Fire Ban declaration means no fires can be lit for the declared district for that day unless there is a specific exemption or special permit issued. This applies irrespective of the Fire Restriction status for a given municipality. Further details at

Author: CFA News