CFA shares fire safety tips with Mooroopna students

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Mooroopna schools are making the most of the CFA/VFBV State Championships being held in the local region, with students learning critical fire safety information from CFA firefighters.


Education programs are being held at the Mooroopna Recreation Reserve this week, and will include approximately 350 students from local schools, mostly from grades 2, 3, and 4.

Emily Guthrie is a Community Engagement Coordinator in District 22 and said it’s important to keep the activities fun and interactive to get the message across for this age group.

“Some of the things we’re doing include activities around stop drop and roll, crawling low in smoke, and we’ll also talk about smoke alarms and identifying and avoiding basic fire hazards,” said Emily.

“We also have some staff who will show them around the trucks and equipment to explain what it’s all used for.

“Children by nature are a particularly vulnerable group when it comes to fire, so it’s important they know what to do if they’re ever in a situation where they have to act quickly or get out of the house.

“They’ll also get showbags with important home fire safety information for the parents which will hopefully lead to good discussions with the whole family.”

Mooroopna Park Primary School teacher Brad Robinson said it’s important for students to know the basics so they have an idea of what to do and who to call in an emergency.

“We can talk to them about it at school, but it’s much better to hear about it from the professionals, and it’s an experience that not all of them would get to have very often,” said Mr Robinson.

“There’s been lots of excitement this week, and all the students have been looking forward to seeing real firefighters and fire trucks up close.”

Mr Robinson, who used to compete in Championships with Stanhope Fire Brigade, said the events are not only a fantastic opportunity for students, but for the local community as well.

“It’s great for people who don’t know what it is and what it’s about as they might want to come and try it themselves.

“The Championships also bring so many people to the area, particularly considering both the Rural and Urban events are here.”

The Urban Junior Championships were held at the Mooroopna Recreation Reserve last weekend, while the Urban Senior events, and both the Rural Senior and Rural Junior competitions will begin this Saturday.


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