Sirens sound to support police officers

Hundreds of CFA brigades across the state paid their respects on Wednesday night by sounding their sirens in honour of the four Victoria Police members who tragically lost their lives while serving the community.


Credit: Goornong Firefighter Felicity Johnson

At 5.40pm Wednesday night CFA sirens could be heard all around the state. Many brigades read out the names of the fallen officers and had a minute of silence to pay their respects.

Brigades issued messages on their Facebook pages to let people know there wasn’t an emergency. All members ensured they practised safe physical distancing and hygiene measures when at the station.

Goornong Fire Brigade was one of many brigades sounding its siren last night. Captain Jason Carty said it was important for the brigade members to pay their respects. 

“Goornong brigade attends a lot of incidents alongside Victoria Police, so it was important to show our support and pay our respects to our fallen colleagues" Jason said.

“There are a lot of road accidents in the Goornong area that require both CFA and Victoria Police. We couldn’t do our job without them.

“Last night our members and two local police officers gathered at Goornong Fire Station to remember the four police officers who lost their lives.

“Our siren was sounded for four cycles; one cycle to honour each officer who was tragically killed a week ago.”

Author: Holly Penketh