CFA tackles fruit shop fire

CFA crews worked hard to contain a structure fire at a Torquay fruit shop in the early hours of Tuesday morning (24 January). 

Crews were called to the scene on the Surf Coast Highway just before midnight and had to evacuate the neighbouring residential property.

The fire started in the roof area of the building and did not spread downstairs but as a result the shop was fairly heat-damaged.

About 30 crew were on the scene and used the Geelong Ladder Platform to tackle the blaze from above.

Rostered Duty Officer Ian Beswicke said there were no injuries or impacts on surrounding properties.

“The shop is right on the Surf Coast Highway as you enter Torquay so fortunately there was no traffic issues given the time of night that the fire broke out.

“We evacuated the neighbouring residential property as a result of smoke from the fire but there was no damage to property elsewhere.”

The cause of the fire will be investigated. 

Author: CFA Media