CFA to commission two POD trucks

CFA has commissioned two new vehicles to join the fleet, increasing technical rescue capability in regional Victoria. 


The transporters which carry a Technical Rescue POD are to be located at Wangaratta and Warrnambool Fire stations. They will provide specialist rescue equipment enhancing CFA capacity throughout regional Victoria.

CFA Chief Officer Steve Warrington stated “Bringing these new appliances online is a significant moment for CFA and regional Victoria.” 

The technical rescue POD contains equipment which can undertake a range of rescue operations and support functions in a range of various conditions.

“This is about enhancing CFA capability to respond to all kinds of situations and environments. They are versatile and dynamic and will help save lives as well as make it a safer working environment for CFA personnel.”

“These appliances will deliver CFA increased ability to respond to events across the North East and South West of the state, they will be right at home in Wangaratta and Warrnambool.”

Additional career staff have been added to both Warrnambool and Wangaratta to support the deployment of these new appliances. These positions are part of the 350 Firefighter Program which is the Victorian Government’s commitment to employ 350 more career firefighters while also building more infrastructure and promoting existing career firefighters to support the growing workforce. 

“I want to acknowledge that there has been many people and parties involved in reaching this significant outcome, I thank everyone for their hard work in achieving a new operational model for CFA and continuing to improve the delivery of services to the broader Victorian community.”

Author: CFA Media