Charging into the future

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CFA is driving down electric avenue with the addition of eight full electric vehicles to its fleet.


Secured in part through the State Government Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) program being delivered by the Department of Treasury and Finance (DTF), the Hyundai Kona electric vehicles will be pool vehicles for CFA members.

Two vehicles will be based at Burwood, one at CFA's State Logistics Centre (SLC), and one car in each region based at Ballarat (West), Bendigo (North-West), Dandenong (South-East), Geelong (South-West) and Seymour (North-East).

During September, 7kW charging stations will be installed at the SLC, Burwood and Dandenong, with other charging stations at District locations completed later in the year.

Each fully charged vehicle has a range of approximately 450kms and will be used primarily for short trips when members attend meetings, training sessions, brigade support and community events in their area.

CFA Fleet Co-ordinator James Roy said the introduction of electric vehicles to the fleet had many benefits.

"These ZEVs we are bringing into the fleet will contribute towards meeting Victoria's net-zero emissions targets by reducing our carbon footprint, provide cost savings to CFA by reducing running costs with fuel and maintenance, and by improving productivity with less downtime," James said.

"Inclusion of the electric vehicles is another way CFA continues to evolve, improve and innovate to remain a world-class fire and emergency service."


Submitted by CFA News