Check out CFA’s Publications Library


We’ve now provided all CFA members access to the CFA Publications Library through the CFA Intranet. 


This library is a list of community-focused CFA publications including books, magazines, pamphlets, posters and reports.

We’ve done this so that volunteers and staff can quickly and easily find information about our publications from a single source. There are several ways this library can help you:

  • to find out what current publications are available
  • to check the version number of a publication so you are sure you’re reading the most up-to-date version of a publication  
  • Before working on a new publication, you can check whether we already have something similar
  • to check whether a publication you are responsible for needs updating or deleting.

To use the library, you can either browse through the list or use the keyword search function which searches for words in the publication titles. To improve the search function over the next few months the Communications & Stakeholder Relations (C&SR) team will add further search terms to publications that describe the content. This will mean you won’t need to know the title of a publication to find it - you can just search by using words that appear in, or describe, the content.

Please contact the Publications Editor ( to suggest additional keywords to help searching for a particular publication, or if you know of a publication that needs adding or deleting,

If you have any comments or questions about the Publications Library, please email For five tips on producing a publication, go to the Publications Library homepage.


Author: Sally Pickering, ED Communications & Stakeholder Relations