Chirnside Park and MFB 26 working together.

Chirnside Park Fire Brigade visited MFB 26 (Croydon) Fire Station, C Platoon for its weekly Brigade training session on Wednesday 22/03/17.


20 CFA Volunteers looked over the MFB appliances and station, while MFB Firefighters looked over the CFA appliances.

In a relaxed environment members from both agencies were able to get a better understanding of how each other operate.

The session was finished off with coffee and cake generously provided by the MFB Firefighters. A month ago Firefighters from MFB 26 station C Platoon visited Chirnside Park Fire Station for a morning tea, where a similar amount of coffee and cake was enjoyed.

Chirnside Park Fire Brigade Captain Andrew Feagan said “It’s imperative that CFA and MFB crews have a solid understanding of each agencies equipment, response procedures, strengths and weaknesses while sharing mutual respect for what each agency does.

At the end of the day if the bells drop or pagers go off we need to respond and provide the best possible response to the members of the public who may be having the worst day of their lives. We must be able to work together safely and efficiently.

The relationship we have developed with MFB 26 station is one the Brigade is very proud of.  We have had them down for a morning tea and tonight they have returned the favour.  The view is our station is their station.”

Chirnside Park Fire Brigade is located in District 13 in North East Region and sits on the border with the MFB.  Due to the proximity of MFB 26 station to the Chirnside Park area it was requested at Brigade level and endorsed at District that the MFB support Chirnside Park Fire Brigade throughout the entire response area, a true multi agency response.

Chirnside Park Fire Brigade has also been responded a number of times to support into the MFB area.

Future combined training is being planned which will focus on pump operations, command and control and structure fire tactics.

Author: Sue Harley