Colac Fire Brigade helping community business after lockdown

Member News image Colac Brigade Management Team (photo courtesy of Colac Herald)


Colac Fire Brigade has turned to the local community to help a local restaurant after the cancellation of a milestone event.


The brigade had been booked into a local venue celebrate its annual anniversary dinner to mark the anniversary of its foundation more than 130 years ago.

While 70 dinners had been organised for members and attendees (the capacity under restrictions at the time), the announcement of a snap lockdown due to COVID-19 meant the event was cancelled.

Colac Fire Brigade captain Daniel Williams said the brigade didn’t want to leave the restaurant in a difficult situation so reached out to the community to help out.

“The caterers had already started preparing for the night and had bought so much food,” Daniel said.

“We decided to arrange a take-away pack which was offered to the brigade initially and got a good response.

“From there, we turned to friends, colleagues, and people around the town to buy one of the meals.”

The decision proved successful, with the local mayor and local Member also getting behind the movement.

“The food was very good quality, made by Fusion which is a great local restaurant.”

“It was a was a great effort to organise it so quickly so thank you very much to the restaurant, as well as our brigade member Shey who organises our local dinners,” said Captain Williams.

The event, which was already meant to be celebrating the last two anniversaries because of another cancellation in 2020, is now hoped to be held in the near future pending restrictions.


Submitted by CFA Media