Community Engagement Content Portal launch

A new Content Portal has been launched to allow CFA people better access to community engagement resources.


The Community Engagement Content Portal is a one-stop shop for CFA people to easily source all current community engagement resources.

The purpose is to aid consistency of delivery in community engagement activities, programs and key messages in all CFA areas around Victoria.

Initially developed for Region Community Engagement Coordinators, the Portal is being made available to all CFA members, to enable community engagement activities to be carried out with ease in CFA districts.

Accessible through CFA Members Online, the Portal has been developed in consultation with a Community Engagement Coordinator working group, to ensure the needs of the users have been considered.

All community engagement program resources and information, as well as the resources needed to promote and deliver those programs, will be available through the Portal. It will also play host to all resources and session plans for members who are qualified to deliver CFA structured programs.

Community Engagement Publications, including translated versions, will be made available on the Portal, including low resolution copies suitable for electronic transmission and high resolution suitable for commercial printers.

CFA members who need to create their own presentations or locally relevant engagement activities will benefit from the library of graphics, diagrams and videos in the multimedia library.

There will also be a variety of useful links, including to CFA’s Template Toolkit, Image Library and YouTube channel.

All resources supporting CFA campaigns, including key messages, media release templates, social media resources and digital advertisements, will all be available for CFA members to download and use in community engagement activities.

Visit the Community Engagement Content Portal, and ensure you login using your CFA email. The Portal is also available linked via the Template Toolkit.

Author: Daisy Cleland