Brigades in the Gannawarra Group are still serving their communities

Last week Kerang Fire Brigade responded quickly to several structure fires in the early hours of Saturday morning in unoccupied residences.


A busy night for Kerang Fire Brigade

The three incidents occurred in the space of three hours and the brigade quickly controlled and contained the fires and ensured there was minimal damage to not only the properties involved but also neighbouring properties Both Cohuna and Echuca brigades provided support to the firefighting effort by means of breathing apparatus maintenance and refilling, as well as crew relief to the members on scene.

Kerang Fire Brigade Captain Ramon Steel takes up the story.

"The first structure fire was a fully involved garage and car which was spreading to the house via a pergola. It was controlled within half an hour and the house was saved. Crews had just restocked trucks from the previous incident and were home when we were alerted to another house fire. On arrival, the house was full of smoke so crews used breathing apparatus and were able to locate three separate fires within the structure and knocked them down before the fire could spread any further.

"At the same time, a third fire had broken out a few doors down from where we were working, and smoke was seen coming from another house. I redirected some crews from the second house fire and they entered the third house to find the kitchen fully involved and another room very similar. Firefighters from both Kerang and Cohuna did a terrific job in a very high-pressure environment and I thank them for their efforts. It was a long night!"



Last night (2 September) Kerang brigade attended the first grass and scrub fire of spring in the Gannawarra area, at Lake Charm. The fire broke out shortly after 5.30pm where a tree had become engulfed and fire spread throughout the surrounding grassland. Both Lake Charm and Kerang brigades worked quickly to contain the fire and ensure the area was safe for surrounding properties.

Well done to those involved in all these recent incidents and thank you for your ongoing commitment and dedication to keeping our communities safe.

Author: Kelly Miller