Cultural immersion tour in the south-west

Member News image Wadawurrung man Barry Gilson leading a cultural immersion tour at Point Addis


At high tide at Point Addis on Sunday 7 May 2023, you may have heard a deep voice singing and ancient words echoing off the cliffs.


CFA members from South West Region braved a cool and rugged autumn day to learn about the dreaming and stories of the Wadawurrung people at a CFA cultural immersion tour led by Wadawurrung man Barry Gilson.

Barry Gilson shared ancient words, their meaning, dreaming and stories of places we know in the area. Using stories, song and poems, the aim was to build relationships and strengthen the community to make a better world with more indepth understanding of each other and where we live.

One of the CFA volunteers at the event appreciated the opportunity.

“I had a wonderful afternoon. I appreciate Barry giving his time to share stories and history of the area. And it was good have a different perspective for when we are on the back of trucks, as well as what we can be looking out for during a job to preserve the cultural significance of the areas.”

Acting ACFO Wayne Aylmer added, “It was of great value and anything that gives us a better understanding of our country and its cultural history can only benefit CFA.”

There will be more cultural immersion tours at Budj Bim National Park on 1 June 2023 and Eastern Maar in Colac on 4 June 2023.

To express interest to attend upcoming cultural immersion tours in South West Region email Emma Taunt:


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Submitted by Emma Taunt