Devenish brigade celebrates 900 years of service

Members of Devenish Fire Brigade were presented with CFA service awards on 9 November. The 33 award recipients have amassed combined service of 990 years protecting Victorian communities from emergencies. 


CFA District 23 Operations Officer Dean Simmons presented the awards which ranged from five year service certificates to a 70-year service medal.

Dean also presented Life Member Service Medals to five Devenish firefighters - Bernard Sanson, John Davies, Graeme Trewin, Barry Woods and Keith Woods - who have a combined service record of an outstanding 297 years. Keith Woods has achieved a magnificent 73 years service.

The citations inducting the Devenish volunteers as Life Members of CFA had a consistent theme for all the inductees. Not only were they praised for their decades of service as firefighters, but also their commitment to performing all the day-to-day roles of administration, cleaning the fire station, checking and maintaining equipment, the fire truck and commitment to maintaining and improving their firefighting skills through training throughout their firefighting careers. In other words, undertaking all the tasks that are needed to provide an effective fire and emergency response to Victorians. 

Well done to the new Life Members for an outstanding record of commitment and service to their community.

Congratulations to all the members of Devenish brigade who received service awards. A great achievement for the whole brigade.

At the festivities following the presentations, the discussions quickly turned to this summer's predicted fire season. We hope our brigade's firefighting skills will be put to minimum use this summer.

Author: Robert Fraser