Dodgems on fire at Rosebud Carnival

Just after 1am on Friday 24 January Rosebud and Dromana brigades responded to a fire at the Rosebud Carnival. 


Photo credit: Rosebud Fire Brigade

Rosebud’s pumper 1 and 2 responded to the incident with nine members turning out. Support from Dromana’s pumper arrived shortly after with another four members.

Upon arrival crews discovered over 12 dodgem cars alight. Wearing breathing apparatus, the crews quickly extinguished the fire. The dodgem cars and structure housing were both severely damaged.

Paula Treacy was the Rosebud Brigade Senior Station Officer (SSO) on shift that night.

“This was definitely not a job you go to every day.” Paula said. “When we were first called out, we thought it was just a regular car fire. We didn’t know it was for the local carnival.”

Due to the location of the fire, crews weren’t worried it would spread.

“It was quite simple to contain as the structure house was a gazebo shape.” Paula added. “The damages however, were severe, and all the dodgems were a right-off.”

The incident was deemed safe at 1.50am.

Victoria Police were also on scene.

No one was injured in the event.

The cause of fire is currently being investigated.

Author: CFA News