Donation from the heart

Woodend Fire Brigade has received a gift from the heart, with community member Gail Jones donating a brand new defibrillator to support the brigade's efforts in the community.


Brigade Secretary, Annette van Huffel with ​Gail Jones

Gail recently stopped by the station to donate to the brigade and after speaking to brigade secretary Annette van Huffel about what the brigade needed. As a result she covered the cost of a new defibrillator. It has now been placed in the brigade's new tanker.

Captain Mike Dornau has been overwhelmed with the amount of support from the community.

“The defibrillator is an important piece of equipment to help save lives,” Mike said. "It will be extremely beneficial to have this piece of equipment on our trucks for firefighters to use. 

"Sometimes we are first on scene of an accident and it’s crucial to have this equipment to save lives."

Mike said the brigade had received a significant number of donations from the community.

"It’s important to show the community just where their money has gone. We’ve purchased essential items and equipment in a timely manner, items that will knowingly help the brigade. 

“It’s been a huge community effort this fire season, and I’d like to thank everyone who has donated.”

Brigade Secretary, Annette van Huffel with Sally Scanlan from Woodend Community Bags and Communications Officer, Keith Mason

Author: Holly Penketh