Elmore fire protection works

Member News image CFA volunteer assisting with the burn along the railway line north of Elmore Credit: Tony Scott – Forest Fire Management Victoria


During late November and early December 2021, Elmore Fire Brigade along with members from neighbouring brigades, successfully undertook two days of burning operations in grassland along the railway line to the north of the Elmore township.


The site of these works runs between the Northern Highway and McCormicks Road from Elmore-Raywood Road in the south, to the rest stop on the Northern Highway in the north.

Elmore Fire Brigade Captain Tim Hunter extended his “thanks to all involved in the operation, which has created a valuable strategic break, to assist in the protection of local residents.”

In December 2020 slashing was undertaken on this site as an alternative treatment method to burning, to reduce members risk of exposure to COVID-19. North West Region Vegetation Management Officer Lisa Haines reflected that “this change to the treatment shows the importance of considering a range of treatment methods to reducing risk, as various factors can restrict what works can be delivered in any season.”

Under Victoria’s Safer Together Program, the CFA North West Region Vegetation Management Team engaged closely with various agencies to plan and deliver risk reduction works on this site including discussions with Forest Fire Management Victoria, V/Line, Regional Roads Victoria and the City of Greater Bendigo.

Forest Fire Management Victoria’s Tony Scott who undertook the role of Planned Burn Operations Officer on the second day of burning said that “assisting with the delivery provided another great opportunity for the two agencies to come together to share skills and experience in a controlled environment.”

CFA’s North West Region Manager Community Safety David Allen said he “was delighted at the success of the project as the location was first raised as a risk by the local Elmore Brigade and Whipstick Group representatives.”

He added that “these works have facilitated detailed analysis on how to reduce the risk of fire running into the Elmore township via the road/rail corridor.”


Submitted by Lisa Haines