Emergency feminine hygiene packs for south-east volunteers

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CFA's South East Region has created 6,000 emergency feminine hygiene packs.


All brigades in South East Region will receive a minimum of 10 emergency feminine hygiene packs to add to first-aid kits. There will also be a supply at each district office to replenish brigade stocks.

These packs will ensure that women throughout all five districts can turn out to incidents knowing they will not be caught out without essential supplies.

Each pack will include two sanitary napkins, two tampons, tampon instructions, and four sanitary disposal bags.

Under the 2019-20 Valuing Volunteers Funding, the South East Volunteer Sustainability Team created 6,000 packs using 12,000 sanitary pads, 12,000 tampons, 24,000 sanitary disposal bags and 6,000 zip lock bags.

Due to COVID-19 and being required to work from home, this project was completed by the South East Volunteer Sustainability Team at their homes during the statewide lockdown.

When lockdown ended, the packs were delivered to each district headquarters, and then they were delivered to each brigade.


Submitted by Meagan Heffernan