Emma upholds family State Championships legacy

Member News image Emma Clement as a child supporting her family


The CFA/VFBV Firefighting State Championships have a proud history within CFA. For decades, the event has brought together family and friends to demonstrate and compete across a variety of events that showcase firefighting skills.


Emma Clement is a firefighter with Hurstbridge Fire Brigade and upholds her own family legacy of competing in the running team alongside her brother.

Both Emma’s father and grandfather are competition stalwarts, and her grandfather (now in his 70s) only retired from the running team in 2021.

“I’ve grown up watching Dad and Granddad compete,” Emma said.

“In my 27 years, I’ve attended 25 State Championships and actively run in ten. It’s been a huge part of my life.

“Dad’s best friend is our team Captain and our team at Hurstbridge is incredible. We’re competitive and focused on improving our skills, but it is always a fun vibe.”

Emma had her sights set on being a volunteer firefighter and a runner as soon as she could join juniors at 11 years old. With only a short break from the brigade to focus on finishing school, she is now coming up to ten years of service.

Emma said the Champs and being a volunteer have had a huge influence on her life.

“Being around the brigade from such a young age, CFA is a huge part of my life and so is the State Champs. I’ve known the people I am competing with and alongside for a long time.

“I love the atmosphere of competing but also how much I have learnt outside of it. You build relationships, skills and understand how to work as a team.”

For Emma, the fun and athletic side of the running team has provided her with a balance to the more challenging side of firefighting.

“Everything we do as a team on the running track translates to the fireground, such as familiarity with tools like hoses and couplings, as well as working alongside your fellow firefighters.

“Being a firey is tough and you’re sometimes exposed to some really challenging scenarios.

“Champs provides an outlet to have fun alongside your fellow volunteers without the impact of responding to an incident.”

As more people join the brigade, she hopes to influence more members to join their team.

“I just want others to experience what I have first-hand. Even if you aren’t competing, come along to the Champs so you understand how great the atmosphere is.”


  • Member News imageEmma Clement Hurstbridge Runner
  • Member News image Emma pictured with her team and Emergency Management Commissioner Andrew Crisp
  • Member News image Emma as a child supporting her team and family at the State Champs
Submitted by Courtney Walker