Girl thanks fireys for life-saving medical help

The members of B Shift at Pakenham Fire Station had a surprise visitor today when 13-year-old Shanae Sykes from Pakenham knocked on the door to say thank you for responding to her family’s Triple Zero call for help on two occasions recently.

The call to provide assistance to Shanae on 7 October was the first Emergency Medical Response (EMR) call the brigade had received after going live on 3 October. Ambulance Victoria and CFA arrived simultaneously and quickly realised Shanae was in urgent need of help.

Both CFA and Ambulance Victoria (AV) worked together to help stabilise Shanae so she could be transported to hospital by the MICA unit from AV. Shanae then spent some time in hospital, including time spent in ICU before coming home.

On 17 November Shanae’s family called Triple Zero again because Shanae was unresponsive and needed assistance. Coincidentally, B shift was on duty and realised it was Shanae who once again needed help.

A similar response was dispatched and both AV and CFA arrived and managed to provide the much-needed medical support to Shanae.

Shanae’s mother Haylee Lawson said her family couldn't praise CFA and AV enough for the response during their time of need and wanted to personally thank the B shift crew for their help after earlier visiting the ambulance station.

We can report Shanae is doing well and now looking forward to school holidays and Christmas with her family and twin sister Mikayla.

The EMR program is a great success and this case is one of a number where both organisations working together are making a difference and saving lives in their local community.

Author: Andrew Smith