Family escapes garage fire in Gippsland

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A neighbour’s initiative to install a firefighting-appropriate coupling to their water tank has helped firefighters save part of a house that went up in flames in Gippsland.


CFA crews responded to reports of a house fire in Tyers on the evening of Monday, 31 August, with firefighters finding the garage fully alight on arrival, and flames already spreading to the house.

Two people were taken to hospital during the incident, but Tyers captain Ross Wisewould said it was fortunate everyone had escaped the burning building.

“There were five occupants at the house, I believe it was one family there, and fortunately all five had evacuated when we arrived.

“We responded with quite a few tankers and other support vehicles as we know that area has some poor water pressure.

“We were also incredibly fortunate that a neighbour had fitted a three-thread coupling to their large water tank.

“We attached the Big Fill vehicle [which is like a big pump], then pumped water directly into tankers which could head back to the fire.

“If we didn’t have that water from the tank, there’s a good chance we may have completely lost that house.

Captain Wisewould said the CFA unit was crucial for helping the CFA and FRV crews who were working as one to bring the fire under control.

“We knew we’d be there for a while and the rehab crew is invaluable in that scenario as they’re able to keep the crew in tip-top shape.

It’s believed the cause of the fire could have been due to maintenance work that was being undertaken by a resident in the garage.

“This incident’s a reminder for people working with machinery or maintenance equipment that not only should appropriate safety gear be used, but precautions such as having extinguishers nearby can also help prevent fires from spreading.

“The neighbour’s forethought to attach an appropriate coupling to their water tank was also crucial in helping fire crews during this incident, and it would be beneficial for anyone with water tanks on their property to consider similar measures.”

More information about water fittings can be found in the Fire Ready Toolkit


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