Family saved in Melton house fire by working smoke alarm

CFA crews were kept busy attending two house fires in metropolitan Melbourne over the past day with smoke alarms playing key roles in both.


CFA fights the blaze in Melton.

A quick thinking 12 year old girl managed to get her family out safely in Melton after being alerted to fire by a working smoke alarm. Firefighters were called out the home around 7:40pm last night and found the family waiting for them all accounted for.

While the house was completely gutted the family came out shocked but unscathed thanks to the presence of a working smoke alarm. CFA Acting Chief Officer Stephanie Rotarangi emphasised that the having working smoke alarms save lives.

“The difference in many circumstances between life and death is the presence of a working smoke alarm. While this family has lost their home, they are alive today because they were able to get out before it was too late.”

“Although we are in the bushfire season this is a timely reminded that all Victorians need to ensure their homes are fitted with working smoke alarms in all sleeping and living areas.

“Having an alarm in sleeping and living areas gives people the best chance of an early notification and escape regardless of where a fire starts.”

Meanwhile CFA crews attended a fire at Noble Park this morning and were shocked to find the family upstairs and unaware of the fire raging down below.

“Luckily our firefighters were able to get the family out safely however the lack of a working smoke alarm upstairs could have led to a much different outcome.”

“The message is simple, if you don’t have one get one and if you have one check that it works.”

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Author: CFA News & Media